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ZL1 is the rarest option code ever produced for a Corvette. It means that the engine block is manufactured in aluminium for weight reduction, and a gain of 80 kgs on the front end of the car, in comparison between a complete 427 ci iron engine and the ZL1.

The first European owner for this option was Henri Greder for the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1970, due to his great relationship with Zora Arkus Duntov. The result was astonish, Henri finished in 6th position overall in 1970. Unfortunately the Porsche managers claimed to the ACO Official saying that the distance effected by the Corvette was not sufficent in relation with the displacement engine. The verdict fall and the Corvette was not classified. But it’s very interesting to note that a GT raced by a private team, finished the 24 hours race just behind two Ferraris 512S and three Porsches prototypes !!! MORE...

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Dijon Prenois is a fast track but difficult for a heavy car like a Corvette !
For the first time we run on this track without braking and restriction noise problems !
Arrived on Wednesday late in the afternoon, we were ready to participate to the free
Practice on Friday morning. It was effected with satisfaction at
The exception that our top speed on the straight line is too low (max rpm was reached
At the ¾ of the straight line) Consequently, we decided that for qualifying practice and the races
to will increase the engine rpm limit by 200 rpm.
We were registered in ASAVE 76 category i.e. cars manufactured between 1966 and 1976, and
We decided to stay in the specs of our category i.e. GR IV 1971 with Good Year tyres (no slicks).
For the qualifying practice, we mounted a set of fresh new tyres and the result was a 3rd position
In our category with 1 min. 316, just behind the pole man with the Porsche 3.0 RSR of Bernard Moreau 1 min.304 and
Claude Boissy 1 min. 311.
In the first race, B.Moreau did not start (rocker failure), which help me to arrive in front of the field on the first corner without to be really stressed by the other race cars. Lap after lap my lap times were between
1 min. 317 and 1 min. 321. Thinking having enough gap from the second place driver, I tried to save the tyres
for the second race. Each lap times were now between 1min.33 and 1min.34, passing slower cars , I won the
race with 4,3 sec. in advance on Boissy, establishing the best lap of the field.
Second race the starting grid was reversed for the 8 first car , consequently I started on line 4, 8th position, At the start
I arrived on second position on the first corner just behind Basso with his BMW 3.0 CSL, I stood one lap and a half
Behind him, then I passed him at the Pouas corner just before the straight line. On the third lap I feel that my tyres
Begun to be at the end of their life and I try to maintain fast laps trying to save my tyres. I heard in my radio that I have 10 sec. in advance on Basso but I knew that B.Moreau driving his Porsche at the limit due to his start
At the 36th place on the grid will try to pass me before the end of the race. My tyres seems now to be totally worn, then just before the last lap I saw the 2 lights of the Porsche in the mirror. Now I had no choice, I have to do the maximum with the used tyres, the car slide dangerously and Moreau tried to pass me in the “cuvette”, we were now door to door, Moreau was now on my right side, I stood on the left, then arrive the Pouas corner, on the straight line, the power of the V8 help me to stay in front but once again in the “cuvette” Moreau came back and try to pass me from the inside, but there was a
Slower car which I passed from the left, Moreau tried again to pass me but without success, then Pouas corner
Arrived and Moreau try to pass me on the right, but I knew that the Porsche has not enough engine power than the
Corvette and when I will accelerate he will have no chance to follow me, which happened. I won the second race by 1,2 sec.
Thanks very much again to Benjamin and to our new mechanics Loic Scalet to whom we wish welcome in our Team.
Course/Race 1
Course/Race 2
Simply the best permanent track ! fast, tortuous, with different levels and hard braking corners. What most normal to ask my friend Eric De Doncker to come to share the Corvette wheel for the week end in our Team.

Immediately on first free practice, I noticed that it is very difficult or impossible to keep the rope in each corner and to stay on it. ! On first qualifying practice it was a little bit better, but I could do better, lap times were around 2 min.49.

On the second qualifying practice, we put fresh new tyres, and now it was much better ! Eric effected a very fast lap in 2 min.466 which positioned us 1st in the GT1 category (without slicks) just in front of Claude Nahum driving his beautiful GT40 (chassis nbr 1078) also
From Burgol Racing.

One hour race with a driver swap between the 25th and 35th minutes. I took a very good start, keeping my position, two cars behind Claude Nahum (a BMW M1 of Stanislas De Sadeleer and a Porsche RSR), running in a good average of 2 min.49. lap times before the yellow flag further to Richard Mille and the M.Miquee off track driving. On the 30st minute, I came back in the pits due to braking problems (the Corvette became to be difficult to drive in every braking due to to an uncorrect braking balance to th rear). I pass the wheel to Eric which also immediately noticed that the problem. He just went out of the stands in front of Claude Nahum, who turn in a consistent 2 min.48. in each lap, Eric tried to keep the distance between the two cars, but it was too risky to maintain a difficult 2 min.50 alors the Claude maintain a consistent 2 min.48 lap after lap! Reasonably Eric let the GT40 going to the victory. We kept the second place on the podium just behind Claude who win the race with merit, due to his driving consistency from the beginning to the end of the week end. Congratulations Claude!
Burgol Racing stood on the podium for the 1st and 2nd place in the GT1 category, which is more than satisfactory!

Next meeting for racing will be at l'Age d'Or in Dijon on June 20 – 21, 2009.
2nd test day on the circuit of Magny Cours
Here we are in Magny Cours for the Club Europa week end, their welcome is always so cool, although we are the noisyier car in the field ! Otherwise wheather was not quite good, but no rain and partly suny.

After having effected several laps and finished a set of used racing tyres, we bolted a set of fresh tyres, it makes a big difference ! then we tested new pads and new disc brakes, we effected some laps at low speed to brake in the new parts and the results were even better. Then our lap times fall by a full second than in 2008. The leak in oil pan depressure system is now fixed. We stopped here the tests and came back to Geneva. Next meeting at Spa on May 8 and 9 for the CER Race.
Balance 1st Test 2009
Paul Ricard Track Monday March 16, 2009, satisfactory test due to the new Bilstein shock absorbers tuned as per our requirements, a better balance fron/rear, consequently less front brakes effort.... an oil leak in the oil pan depressure system, probably due to an insufficent capacity to be fix.

Next meeting in Magny-Cours on April 4 and 5 for the last tests before the CER Race on May 8 and 9 at Spa Francorchamps.
INFO 2009
Our Corvette will be back in 2009. First of all, a new windshield will be
mounted, because the one on the car, which was the original, did not support the stress of the Lemans Classic track !
Then, winter test will be effected, especially for braking balance front
and rear improvment and also endurance test. After that, supension test with mild and hard springs and shocks absorber, in order to have different set up for fast and slow tracks.

In a near future, the 2009 calendar of events of our team will be available
on line.

We would like again to thank all people who support our Team by their help or
presence at Lemans Classic, Nitro magazine for their fabulous report on the Corvette at this event and our Team, also to all the press, the magazines and all words on the web by different people who spoke about us.
A perfect week end ! 1st place in the GT category and 7th overall ! The only thing to say is "god job" to the Corvette Project Chief Engineer Benjamin Monney, from the first bolt to the last one, he was the Boss !

Wednesday 11, 2008, 11 a.m. the transmission parts were delivered at our place directly from the U.S. by Cobra Automotive. Benjamin immediately reassembled the transmission and we went to Le Mans the same day ! Arrived at destination everything happened perfectly.

Be patient, a special Le Mans Classic coverage will be on line in a couple of days.

Stay tune !
RELEASE: Bob Bondurant
We regret that Bob Bondurant was not present this week end for health reasons. Bod had two knees surgeries and he has not yet fully recovered the use of his two legs, so he decided not to come at the last minute. We wish him a very good recovery and we are very sorry that he was not here. However, Bob will be present on October 3 to 5, 2008 at the Geneva Classic for the presentation of his book (in english and french language).

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