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ZL1 is the rarest option code ever produced for a Corvette. It means that the engine block is manufactured in aluminium for weight reduction, and a gain of 80 kgs on the front end of the car, in comparison between a complete 427 ci iron engine and the ZL1.

The first European owner for this option was Henri Greder for the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1970, due to his great relationship with Zora Arkus Duntov. The result was astonish, Henri finished in 6th position overall in 1970. Unfortunately the Porsche managers claimed to the ACO Official saying that the distance effected by the Corvette was not sufficent in relation with the displacement engine. The verdict fall and the Corvette was not classified. But it’s very interesting to note that a GT raced by a private team, finished the 24 hours race just behind two Ferraris 512S and three Porsches prototypes !!! MORE...

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Le Mans Classic 2008, everything go fast now ! We are now confirmed as participant and we will be on next Thursday under the big tent of the grid 5.

The stickers from "Femme d'Aujourd'hui" are now on the car.

You will find under the chapter "schedule of races 2008" "Circuit des 24 heures", the race schedule. We hope to see you at this event. An race which is not to be missed by you.!
test Magny Cours 28 & 29 june
After a short track test of 10 laps at Dijon - Prenois on June 7, 2008 due to consistent brakes troubles, we went to Magny Cours to join the ClubEuropa race event (we always have a good time at their events). We effected approximately 50 laps on a very warm track. The test was excellent, we solve the brake problems and without any major problems.

The power and the exceptional grip of our Corvette did not fail, and the potential is here ! We have now to take profit of this fantastic handling........
Motor test
The engine was dyno tested during the night of Friday May 30 and Saturday May 31 at Mader Racing with success. We open a bottle of champagne at 4.30 am after 2 hours of run in without any problems. The result of the figures was lower than we have expected i.e. 460 HP and 640 nm of torque. Meanwhile, we were ready to read those numbers due to the mild camshaft furnished by the previous american engine builder.

We thanks Mader Racing a lot to have delivered without delay the engine to us, a very good job effected by experts. THE MOVIE
After a professional assembly by Mader Racing, the engine is now ready to be dyno tested .

The official presentation which happened on May 24, 2008 was a success gracefulness to all guests which we greatly thanking. We now invite them to follow the first track test in Dijon-Prenois on June 6, 7 and 8, in pictures on our web site ...
Official presentation
The official presentation of our car is scheduled for the Saturday 24 May 2008 in Bellevue for the beginning of our 2008 racing season.

The PTH official papers issued by Auto Sport Suisse are arrived.

The engine is still at Mader's engine shop, after the meticulous internal checking of all of the engine parts, (one of the most tricky work), the professionnal crankshaft, rods and pistons balancing, the engine dyno test is scheduled for May 15, 2008.
Corvette is officially accepted
Our Corvette is officially accepted by the FIA Auto Sport Suisse. We will receive the Official Vintage Passport at the end of the month.

The engine is now at Mader Racing to be assembled and dyno tested and tuned.
Le Mans Classique 2008
Le Mans Classic 2008, we are not selected but are in 6th position in the waiting list, this would say that we will participate to the free practice session during the day and to the night qualification.

The celeb Bob Bondurant will join our Team for Le Mans Classic

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6-8 july 2012



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